Fat is not sexy…

This is my first reblog – and not just because I get a namecheck!

The extremely bad ass Sam has offered up her thoughts about the vile outpourings of Steve Miller – and this is too good not to share.

So Bad Ass

These are the words of Steve Miller, do you remember him? He did a show called Fat Families where he basically bullied people into exercise and eating salad by calling them “massive fatties” at every opportunity in order to motivate them to lose weight.

Well I unfortunately stumbled upon his twitter feed yesterday and unsurprisingly it is filled with fat shaming posts.  What does surprise me is how far he is willing to push his condemnation of overweight people.  His feed is filled with venomous statements labelling people “fat” “lazy” and stating that they aren’t curvy, just fat.

steve miller twitter fat shaming

Here’s the charmer himself telling the world about the “reality” and “truth” that fat people are unattractive and aren’t able to be in a loving relationship.

steve miller twitter fat shaming

Also fat people don’t have sex.  It’s the truth, it must be!!! This vile Alan Carr wannabe said so!!  All I can think is that he…

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Moving on!

Hey dudes and dudinas (that is a real word, no shut up I didn’t make it up!)

You know how I was telling you how much I love my blog name? Yeah….about that…

It’s a bit of a mouthful. So I’ve changed it. A bit. Quite a lot.

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